Esri EADA10 : ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam

Number of questions: 97
Last Update: Jul 4, 15
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Esri EADA10 Exam Description and Topics

The Esri EADA10 ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam is a 150-minute examination with 95 questions total. Successful completion will earn candidates the ArcGIS Desktop Associate technical certification, offered by Esri, which will represent a candidate's ability to visualize, analyze, and manage geospatial data using basic GIS and ArcGIS concepts and processes.

Candidates are suggested to have at least two years of experience using ArcGIS. To prepare for the Esri EADA10 exam, numerous instructor-led training courses and web training courses are available to take. A seminar on geocoding, tutorial workbooks, and additional guidebooks are available for further studying purposes. Sample questions can also be downloaded in PDF format. All, or some, of this material should be reviewed before taking the exam.

Participants should be able to perform basic data editing and determine specifications for creating a new simple feature. Participants should also know how to construct a map using available datasets and an analysis of existing datasets. The ability to identify tools for and perform spatial data analysis, along with demonstrating cartography skills and map visualization, is required. Participants should also have knowledge of technologies such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Explorer, and other desktop extensions.