Enterasys 2B0-018 : Enterasys Dragon IDS Exam

Number of questions: 51
Last Update: Jul 7, 15
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Testlive's Enterasys 2B0-018 Exam Testimonials
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TestsLive is the reason I was able to pass my Enterasys 2B0-018 exam. I never knew about you guys until I asked a friend of mine for help on studying for the exam. Instead of helping me out he did something better: He told me about TestsLive. After just a few minutes I knew I was in luck. I reviewed the test front to back twice and rechecked my answers on both. I noticed that I missed the same eleven questions on both practice runs. I studied the correct answers for about an hour to find out why I was getting those questions wrong. After that, everything fell into place. All of my worries dissipated and I managed to complete the exam the following day with a 94%!
- From Max Wilson

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Enterasys 2B0-018 Exam Description and Topics

Vendor: Enterasys

Exam Name: Enterasys Dragon IDS

Exam Number: 2B0-018

Languages Offered: English

Duration: N/A