EMC E20-818 : Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam

Number of questions: 162
Last Update: Jul 9, 15
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EMC E20-818 Exam Description and Topics

The intent of this EMC E20-818 (Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers) exam is to assess the candidate's knowledge and proficiency in designing, validating, implementing, automating, and troubleshooting high availability Symmetrix-based solutions in a variety of open systems settings. Examinees will also demonstrate their ability in provisioning, managing, migrating, replicating, and protecting the VMware vSphere/Symmetrix VMAX environment.

This two-hour exam will also include content related to new integration technologies between VMware and various EMC technologies. Exam topics will be comprised of approximately 60 questions that will encompass, but is not limited to, the following categories:

1. Symmetrix Performance (e.g. describing operations theories, performance recommendations when allocating new storage or migrating applications, relating knowledge of the Symmetrix architecture and I/O handling processes to their performance benefits).

2. Symmetrix Security (e.g. vulnerable access points and possible consequences of data access violations)

3. Exchange Integration with Symmetrix Best Practices (e.g. EMC implementation best practices for Exchange server, configuration of an Exchange server for use with Symmetrix storage).

4. VMware vSphere Integration withSymmetrix (e.g. EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage system for VMware ESXi 5.o host preparation, use Storage VMotion to migrate a virtual machine to Symmetrix VMAX storage).

5. SRDF/Star and Cascaded SRDF Solutions (e.g. steps necessary to perform under normal, transient fault, and major fault conditions)

6. SQL Server Integration with Symmetrix Best Practices (e.g. configuration on MS SQL server for use with Symmetrix storage, available options for designing replicas of MS SQL Server using Solutions Enabler and Timefinder Integration Module for MS SQL and Replication Manager).

7. Symmetrix Integration with Oracle Best Practices (e.g. advantages of spreading Oracle Meta Volumes across multiple backend Disk Directors, RAID configurations and their performance impact within and Oracle 11g database environment).