EMC E20-690 : VNX Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers Exam

Number of questions: 117
Last Update: Jul 26, 15
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EMC E20-690 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-690 (VNX Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers) exam is part of the qualifying process required for candidates on track to become certified for the category of EMC Platform Engineer, VNX Specialist. This 90- minute exam will concentrate on assessing a candidate's skill level in the installation, cabling, initializing, and maintenance of EMC VNX series storage systems in the block, file, and unified configurations. This exam will also cover the replacement of VNX Filed Replaceable Units (FRU's), storage configuration and testing tasks to gain high availability, service enablement activities, product registration and event monitoring.

The 60 items on the EMC E20-690 exam, which is available only in English, will include content within topics that include VNX Hardware, Resources, Tools, and Maintenance, Installing VNX Block Storage Systems and Gateways, Installing VNX file Storage Systems, Upgrading VNX Software, and VNX CRU/FRU Replacement. Topics are subject to include material from related educational tools and concepts that are typically gleaned from work experience. Prospects should review all available VNX curriculum offered by the EMC Proven Professional program and utilize practice test offerings before attempting the E20-690 exam.