EMC E20-597 : Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators Exam

Number of questions: 168
Last Update: Jul 27, 15
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EMC E20-597 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-597 (Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators) is intended for individuals who are on track to become certified as a Storage Administrator-Backup Recovery-NetWorker Specialist. The function of this exam is to assess the candidate's skill level and understanding of backup concepts and performing tasks such as administering solutions, configuring, monitoring, and maintaining EMC NetWorker backup solutions.

The format of the EMC E20-597 exam will contain 60 questions consisting of topics that are derived from course materials and working experience. Salient exam topics will include the following: EMC NetWorker Overview, including solutions and benefits, EMC NetWorker Modules Overview, including backup and recovery processes, EMC NetWorker Installation, Configuration, and Administration including architecture and components, client-initiated and server-initiated backups, and customizing the backup environment. Examinees will be responsible for more in-depth content that could appear on the exam.

EMC's Proven Professional Program is committed to the success of its certification candidates and is offering a variety of educational tools to aid in exam preparation. Prior to taking this 90-minute exam, prospects are encouraged to review all corresponding course material and to utilize the available practice tests as a gauge of his or her readiness. Currently, this exam is available in the English language only.