EMC E20-593 : Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam

Number of questions: 125
Last Update: Jul 29, 15
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Testlive's EMC E20-593 Exam Testimonials
Just Received the Best News and I Owe it All to TestsLive
I just received news that I have successfully passed the EMC E20-593 (Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers) exam! This exam has long caused me stress, because I kept trying to take it and I couldn't pass, no matter what I did. But for this last attempt, I used TestsLive to help me prepare. Of course, I'd used study guides and practice exams before, but none of them prepared so well that I was able to pass the EMC E20-593 exam. Best of all, I only needed to use TestsLive for two months before taking the exam.
- From Travis Durkin
My Cousin's Passing Changed my Life With TestsLive
My cousin passed away suddenly in a car accident about 6 months ago. She had been studying for her EMC E20-593 certification and had encouraged me to do so as well. She was very bright, but I was lazy. We grew up together since my aunt had raised me, and my cousin had always been the one to encourage me to "get outside of my own head." She studied for her exam from the EMC official course material and passed on the first try. She then told me I needed to do this too, unfortunately, I listened too late and recently passed after spending time grieving for her, but her legacy lives on in my success. I owe it to her and TestsLive that I have achieved my certification. I miss her, but she's still watching over me as I continue on the path of success. The EMC E20-593 was only the beginning.
- From Mike Fortin
I passed the EMC E20-593 - Thank you, Thank you TestsLive!
I was so nervous about taking EMC E20-593 (Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers) that until I took TestsLive's course. It's great and allowed me to work at my own pace. The TestsLive test simulator gives you sample exams based on real questions that appear on the actual EMC E20-593 exam. I got a lot of questions wrong on the first exam I took but I was able to go back and retake it after I had a chance to understand the right answers. I am so happy to have passed EMC E20-593. I am definitely sold on TestsLive' method of learning.
- From Claire Pegler
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A few of my friends had taken courses from TestsLive and had encouraged me to do so. I balked at the idea, not really having much faith in it. I thought it was a bunch of hype, as a lot of the internet stuff is, but I was so wrong! Not only did the EMC E20-593 test help me achieve my goals, it helped me become certified in only a few weeks after I had made the decision to buy it. And did I mention that I outscored all my friends? Now they're not bragging about their scores anymore because I beat the pants off of them! Not too shabby for "just" a woman, eh?
- From Bill N Ray

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EMC E20-593 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-593 (Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers) is one of the qualifying exams for the Implementation Engineers - Backup and Recovery NetWorker Specialist track. This exam will focus upon knowledge of backup concepts and terminology and the successful implementation of solution designs with EMC NetWorker.

The exam number for this test is E20-593. Currently, this exam is only available in English. It will contain an approximate range of 60 questions, and a candidate will have a timeframe of 90 minutes to complete the test. EMC will provide online practice tests and preparation courses for candidates to take advantage of while preparing for the test.

An example of one topic that will appear on the EMC E20-593 test is EMC NetWorker Overview. A candidate will need to know EMC Networker solution and advantages, NetWorker hosts and their roles, device types and devices, and NetWorker control data and administrative interfaces.

Other topics that will appear on the EMC E20-593 exam include EMC Networker Modules and NetWorker Installation, Configuration, and Administration. These are general guidelines for the content of the exam, and additional questions about related content may appear on the test. For more information about the test, a candidate should consult the test syllabus.