EMC E20-517 : Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators Exam

Number of questions: 192
Last Update: Jul 18, 15
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EMC E20-517 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-517 (Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators) exam is one of the qualifying exams for the EMC Storage Administrator Symmetrix Solutions Specialist certification track. This exam will primarily focus upon the management of EMC Symmetrix based solutions in heterogeneous open systems environments using Power Path, Solutions Enabler, and other related applications.

The exam number for this test is E20-517. This exam is going to contain a range of 60 questions, and a candidate will be allotted a time frame of 90 minutes to finish the test. Currently, the exam is available only in English. A number of online preparation courses will be offered for a candidate to prepare, including Symmetrix Foundations, Connectrix Foundations, and Power Path foundations.

An example of the types of topics that will appear on the EMC E20-517 test is Open Replicator and Federated Live Migration. In this portion of the exam, a candidate will need to be able to explain the benefits, architecture, concepts, and terminology of Open Replicator and Federated Live Migration systems, as well as how to perform inter-array data transfer using Open Replicator.

Other topics that will appear on the EMC E20-517 exam include Symmetrix Management Console, Solutions Enabler, Symmetrix Performance Analyzer, and Symmetrix Business Continuity Management, amongst other topics.