EMC E20-475 : Content Management Systems Architecture Exam

Number of questions: 232
Last Update: Jul 21, 15
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EMC E20-475 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-475 (Content Management Systems Architecture) exam is the qualifying exam for the Technology Architecture specialist track for Content Management Systems Architects. The exam number for this test is E20-475. The focus of this exam is on preparing the systems architecture of an enterprise content management solution based upon business requirements.

The EMC E20-475 exam is going to contain a range of 60 questions, and a candidate is going to be allotted 100 minutes in which to finish the test. Currently, the test is available only in the English language. In order to prepare for the test, candidates are encouraged to enroll in the Architecting EMC Documentum Course.

An example of one topic that will appear on the EMC E20-475 test is Enterprise Architecture. On this portion of the test, a candidate will need to demonstrate their knowledge of how to design for a geographically distributed user base, design for a multilingual user base, and how to design for a shared service environment.

Other exam topics that will appear on the test include Migration and Upgrades, Business Continuity, Security, Capacity Planning, Support Operations, and Application Design. For more information on specific exam topics, a candidate should study the exam syllabus, which can be found online.