EMC E20-465 : Content Management System Administration Exam

Number of questions: 170
Last Update: Jul 26, 15
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EMC E20-465 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-465 (Content Management System Administration) exam is the qualifying exam for system administrators who are on the Content Management specialist track. EMC will provide practice tests for candidates to become familiar with potential exam topics, and it is recommended that a candidate enroll in the Performance Tuning and System Administration for Documentum Fundamentals training classes.

The exam number for this test is E20-465, and this test will contain a range of 60 questions. A candidate will be allotted 90 in which to finish the test. Currently, this exam is available only in the English language. There will be a number of different topics addressed on this exam.

An example of one topic that will appear on the EMC E20-465 exam is Installation and Configuration. On this portion of the test, a candidate must demonstrate their knowledge of how to perform basic Documentum pre installation tasks, how to install and configure the Content Server and other components, and how to configure WDK Applications, among other topics.

Other topics that are going to appear on the E20-465 exam include General Administration, Storage Management, Performance Tuning, Full Text Indexing, and Troubleshooting. These are general guidelines for the content of the exam, and a candidate should be prepared to answer additional questions about related content.

Reference: official EMC E20-465 exam description