EMC E20-405 : Content Management Server Programmin Exam

Number of questions: 230
Last Update: Jul 21, 15
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EMC E20-405 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-405 (Content Management Server Programmin) exam serves as a qualifying exam for the Content Management specialist track for Application Developers. Participants taking the E20-405 exam will need to be knowledgeable about customizing and developing applications using the Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) API.

The EMC E20-405 exam has an estimated 60 questions and lasts for 90 minutes. During that time, candidates will be asked questions about the installation, configuration, and architecture involved with Documentum Foundation Classes. Related DFC interfaces and security are additional areas that participants should understand well. The E20-405 candidate should possess previous experience using, creating, packaging, and deploying DFC Business Objects, as well as experience with XML processing using DFC. The most successful candidates will have expert knowledge of troubleshooting.

Specific questions on the E20-405 exam may focus on DFC components and the relationships between DFC, BOF, DFS, and server components, using DFC Type-Related interfaces and inherited methods to create objects, implementing security, creating and using TBOs and SBOs, and using the DFC XML-related operations to transform and validate the XML. The knowledge needed to write quality code, troubleshoot, and perform diagnostic checks with DFC programs may also be tested during the E20-405 exam.