EMC E20-370 : Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam

Number of questions: 181
Last Update: Jul 25, 15
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EMC E20-370 Exam Description and Topics

Before taking the EMC E20-370 (Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers), EMC does recommend participants complete the training curriculum and practice exams. Though the products do not guarantee that a potential candidate will pass the E20-370 exam, they do increase the candidate's familiarity with the subject matter and question types of the E20-370 exam. If a candidate does pass the E20-370, they will have completed a qualifying exam for the EMC Proven Professional Implementation Engineer Content Addresses Storage (CAS) Specialist track.

Among the CAS concepts covered on the EMC E20-370 exam are the different compliance licenses offered, the physical components in a Centera rack, the advantages of CAS over other archival solutions, the concept of fixed content data, and the differences between CAS, SAN, and NAS. Takers of the exam should also understand Centera terminology, such as CDF, blog, and C-clip.

The EMC E20-370 exam also demands a rigorous understanding of Centera tools. For these types of questions, participants need to be able to explain the features, functions and operations of Centera CLI, Centera Viewer, JCenteraVerify, and Centera Console.

Centera Universal Access (CUA), Centera replication and restore, compliance, advanced retention management, naming schemes, pools, profiles, API, and architecture are items that may be tested on the E20-370 exam. To ensure a passing score, the potential candidate should have additional familiarity with Centera v4.1.