EMC E20-329 : Backup Recovery Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects Exam

Number of questions: 169
Last Update: Jul 24, 15
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EMC E20-329 Exam Description and Topics

One of the qualifying exams for the Technology Architect - Backup Recovery Solutions track is the EMC E20-329 (Backup Recovery Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects). Prior to taking the 90 minute exam, participants should have expert knowledge in EMC Data Protection Advisor, EMC Networker, EMC Avamar, and EMC Data Domain as it pertains to EMC design best practices. Being able to use one of those products to design backup and recovery solutions is required for the successful passing of the E20-329 exam.

Specifically, exam takers will need to be able to assess the environment. This will require takers of the exam to be able to describe the methods, techniques, and objects required for performing an assessment. They will also need to explain the challenges of sizing a solution using deduplication backup storage. To do so, a participant must have knowledge in source data types, growth rates, data reduction characteristics, and replication considerations.

Participants will also need to be knowledgeable in cross-product solutions design. To prove expertise in this area of the EMC E20-329 exam, participants will be given an environment and they will need to design a solution using one or more of the products featured in the EMC Backup Recovery Systems (BRS) portfolio.