EMC E20-326 : Symmetrix Solutions Design Exam

Number of questions: 133
Last Update: Jul 17, 15
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EMC E20-326 Exam Description and Topics

During the EMC E20-326 (Symmetrix Solutions Design) exam, participants will be asked 60 questions. If the participant receives a passing score, they will have passed a qualifying exam for the EMC Technology Architect Symmetrix Solutions Specialist track.

Potential exam participants should master all technological products related to the procedures, methodologies, and tools for designing Symmetrix solutions, as well as the products related to guiding and validating designs for Symmetrix Solutions, Design of TimeFinder, SRDF/S, and SRDF/A solutions. Some examples of the specific products which are likely to be covered on the exam include TimeFinder/Clone, TimeFinder/Snap, Open Replicator, Tier Advisor, and Business Continuity Solutions Designer (BCSD).

The EMC E20-326 exam requires knowledge in how to document a customer's current environment, requirements, and expectations. A participant's knowledge of data gathering methodology will be tested through questions on data collection tools, data analysis tools, and design tools. Additionally, the exam may ask questions concerning configuring for capacity and performance, dynamic cache portioning, and optical networks.