EMC E20-018 : Ritualized Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects Exam

Number of questions: 289
Last Update: Jul 18, 15
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EMC E20-018 Exam Description and Topics

The EMC E20-018 (Ritualized Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects) is a 90 minute qualifying exam for the EMC Virtualized Infrastructure Specialist for Cloud Architects track. The exam tests participants on the planning and design needed for migration to Virtualized Data Centers (VDC) and Cloud environments. Candidates are also tested on their abilities to design VDC and Cloud infrastructure while maintaining robust and elastic compute, network, and storage environments.

The 60 questions on the exam will cover VPLEX, VBLOCK, VMAX, and UIM technology. Additionally, exam participants will need to have technical mastery of Unified Storage and Atmos.

Specific information that exam participants will be expected to know in order to pass the EMC E20-018 exam includes VDC Storage topologies and the difference between virtualization and Cloud. Features and business drivers for both Cloud and virtualization are also tested on the E20-018 exam. Components of LAN, SAN, and converged networking are also included on the exam. Information on mobility within and across data centers, governance, risk, compliance, security considerations, and types of hyper visors are additional concepts that the successful candidate will master before taking the E20-018 exam.

Before taking the E20-018 exam, EMC recommends completing their training courses. EMC also recommends taking their practice exams so that the candidate can familiarize themselves with the types of questions asked on the E20-018 exam.