EMC E10-001 : Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2 Exam

Number of questions: 200
Last Update: Jul 3, 15
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EMC E10-001 Exam Description and Topics

Taking the 90 minute E10-001 (Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2) can qualify the successful candidate for the EMC Proven Professional Information Storage Associate v2 (EMCISA) certification. The EMC E10-001 exam has approximately 65 questions and focuses on data center key elements, storage systems, storage networking technologies, and business continuity options. Concepts related to security and management of storage infrastructure and cloud computing are also covered extensively on the E10-001 exam.

Throughout the exam, candidates will specifically be tested on RAID, Fibre Channel SAN (FC SAN), IP SAN and FCoE, Network-attached storage (NAS) and both object-based and unified storage. Additionally, potential exam candidates should have an understanding of the procedures involved in backup, archive, local replication, and remote replication.

EMC suggests reading "Information Storage and Management, " a book by John Wiley and Sons in order to prepare for the EMC E10-001 exam. EMC also offers five eLearning courses and one course offered both as an ILT and a video ILT to help review the concepts which will be tested on the exam.

Reference: official EMC E10-001 exam description