CWNP PW0-270 : Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) Exam

Number of questions: 61
Last Update: Jul 12, 15
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CWNP PW0-270 Exam Description and Topics

The CWNP PW0-270 Certified Wireless Analysis Professional exam will test candidates' knowledge of the 802.11 set of standards, including the frame structures, exchange processes, and tools for analysis and troubleshooting. It is a 105 minute examination (with an additional 15 minutes for comments) with 60 questions of the multiple choice/multiple answer format. Earning at least a 70% will result in acquisition of the CWAP certification.

To prepare for the CWNP PW0-270 exam, candidates can take the Enterprise Wi-Fi Analysis & Troubleshooting training course, which will teach the main concepts and specifics found on the exam. Participants can also purchase an official study guide and practice test, and download course objectives and terminology, for studying purposes. The exam is available in English at Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide.

Participants should understand basic and advanced concepts of three different 802.11 standards:

1. Physical (PHY) Layer Frame formats and technologies - Functions, concepts, and frame formats of the PHY layer should be recognized.

2. Operation and Frame Exchanges - Participants should understand the technologies, operational methods, and modes related to specific PHYs.

3. MAC Layer Frame formats and technologies - Concepts and terminology of MAC Layer (v. 2007), along with intended purposes and the specific structure of each layer frame type, should be known.

Participants will also be tested on spectrum and protocol analysis and troubleshooting concepts, including the specific features, configuration, and appropriate application of each.