CWNP PW0-250 : Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) Exam

Number of questions: 61
Last Update: Jul 30, 15
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CWNP PW0-250 Exam Description and Topics

The CWNP PW0-250 Certified Wireless Design Professional exam is a 90-minute exam with 60 multiple choice/multiple response questions. It will test knowledge related to the design, application, and deployment of wireless technology and is required to receive the CWDP certification from Pearson VUE (the exam is available to take at all Pearson VUE test centers).

Candidates are able to purchase a wide variety of studying resources, including a practice test, study guide, and enrollment in the associated training course. Exam objectives and exam terminology are available for free download. To earn the CWDP certification, an additional test (PW0-104 - Enterprise Wi-Fi Administration) must also be taken. To pass this test, a score of 70% is required. It is only available in the English language.

Several areas of information will appear on the CWNP PW0-250 exam, including:

1. Site Surveying and Network Planning. Participants should be able to explain how to prepare and conduct an official WLAN site survey, using the appropriate technology, methods, and best practices. Aspects of network planning, such as applications and documentation, will be tested.

2. Design - Infrastructure, WLAN, and RF. Participants should have detailed knowledge of WLAN architecture types and best practice design concepts for each one. Participants should understand the role that infrastructure plays in WLAN design, and the role of RG behaviors/characteristics in network design.

3. Security and Troubleshooting. Participants must be able to explain best practice security design concepts, appropriate authentication solutions, and common troubleshooting techniques.