CompTIA SY0-301 : CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

Number of questions: 745
Last Update: Jul 9, 15
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CompTIA SY0-301 Exam Description and Topics

The CompTIA Security+ Exam (SY0-301) is a certification qualification exam designed to be applicable in any environment and to be vendor-neutral, making the skills and abilities demonstrated by earning the certification globally recognized competence in the IT security field.

The SY0-301 Certification Exam is designed specifically for IT security professionals who possess at least two years of IT administration experience, particularly in dealing with security administration on a daily basis. The SY0-301 Exam is also ISO 17024 Accredited and features sections on six primary subject areas pertinent to the IT security administrator's role: Network Security (21%), Compliance and Operational Security (18%), Threats and Vulnerabilities (21%), Application, Data and Host Security (16%), Access Control and Identity Management (13%), and Cryptography (11%).

Exam Details:

Successfully completing the SY0-301 Exam requires the ability to identify risks and perform a fundamental role in risk mitigation initiatives in any business environment. Additionally, candidates must be capable of creating appropriate infrastructures to reduce security risks and identify appropriate applications for risk mitigation. The ability to apply and maintain security controls for maintaining integrity and confidentiality are also crucial knowledge areas for passing the SY0-301 Exam.

Other questions on the SY0-301 Exam probe the test taker's knowledge of technologies and products, regulations, laws and policies, all in relation to security measures and network stability and usability. Network devices, security functions, administration principles and protocols are also covered on the SY0-301 Exam.