CompTIA FC0-GR1 : CompTIA Strata Green IT Exam

Number of questions: 86
Last Update: Jul 12, 15
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CompTIA FC0-GR1 Exam Description and Topics

The CompTIA Strata Green IT Exam (FC0-GR1) is a part of the new CompTIA Certification program focused on Greener IT initiatives and which promotes career advancement through the use of newer, more ecologically friendly approaches and methodologies in the IT field.

The FC0-GR1 Exam contains 30 questions covering traditional subject areas in relation to green IT practices, including: techniques, technologies, policies, standards. Additionally, successful candidates must be familiar with national and international organizations involved in the development and monitoring of green IT methods and standards. A passing score of 70% is required for success on the exam and 60 minutes are allotted for test completion.

The FC0-GR1 Exam has no prerequisite requirements, but completion of the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Server+ certifications are recommended. A minimum of 18 months hands on experience in the IT field is also recommended. IT personnel working in decision-making roles are the ideal candidates for the FC0-GR1 Exam, including managers, supervisors, and data center leaders.

Exam Details:

The FC0-GR1 Exam covers subjects in the areas of green technology and techniques. Question topics in these sections of the exam include proper recycling and waste disposal techniques; energy measurement and power preservation techniques; online methodologies for the completion of collaborative work; and the use of paperless documents and recordkeeping methodologies.

The sections of the FC0-CR1 Exam that cover IT standards and policies related to green initiatives include questions on establishing, monitoring and enforcing environmental impact standards; assessing life cycles and IT frameworks; and developing accurate ROIs for green IT initiatives.