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Cisco IOS XR Specialist and 2000+ other certification exams prep program
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Testlive's Cisco IOS XR Specialist Certification Testimonials
I finally passed the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification test! It took less time than I thought it would!
Thank you, TestsLive for your implementation of this great exam simulator and information that allowed me to pass the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification exam with high marks on my first try! A close friend of mine had tried this on his own, but failed a few times. He had then learned about TestsLive and passed. He also passed his story and information onto me, so I tried it and found that it was absolutely the best thing I've ever used for a test preparation. This has taught me ways to study that I had never been able to develop while attending college at UCLA. What a fabulous selection of information. So well planned and organized, no one should go without it if you are serious about being certified and getting ahead in your career.
- From Hirwa - M - Egide
Don't waste time with a class when you can get the real Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification test questions
When I started studying for the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification exam, I found a local study group. I thought being around other people would help me feel like I wasn't alone in taking this crucial exam. But seriously, it was so lame. A few people were way behind me, a couple people were light years ahead and the rest seemed like they were only there to socialize and goof off. I'd had it! I went home and downloaded your guide to the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification exam after I heard someone at class mention your website. In a few days I made major progress. You should have seen my score, too!
- From Lewins Walter
TestsLive Provided Me With the Foundation For Success
TestsLive has provided me with the building blocks needed to build the foundation of a successful career in IT. Recently, I used their services to pass the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification test. I have always had a certain phobia regarding failure, and my anxiety makes it difficult for me to do well on tests. However, with TestsLive' assistance, I knew I was well prepared for this exam. There are an unlimited number of practice tests you can take, and this allowed me to practice taking the test under real world conditions, which alleviated much of my anxiety. Thank you.
- From Ethel Moses
The Right Door
I like to watch this TV Show in which contestants have to choose a specific door and get rewarded with whatever is behind it. Sometimes, however, it's just a pile of junk. The same was true when I was looking for the best training kit for the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification exam. I opened a few doors and got burned. But one day, I opened the right door: The TestsLive training kit is truly rewarding. It has a complete set of practice tests that has been, for me anyway, invaluable. I got high grades on my exam and say thanks to TestsLive.
- From Osman Hamid

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Cisco IOS XR Specialist Certification Description and Topics

Expertise in Cisco IOS XR platforms can be obtained with the Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification. A passing score on the 644-906 Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR examination is the only requirement to earn this certification. Although there are no prerequisites, candidates are recommended to be at an advanced or professional certification level.

A training course can be taken that goes hand-in-hand with the exam. Numerous study documents, including configuration and reference guides, can also be downloaded from the Cisco website. These preparation materials should back up the skills and knowledge that are obtained in a hands-on networking environment. The certification program offers a form of skill validation and should not be used as an educational tool. Previous work experience with the associated products is necessary.

The Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification is ideal for network engineers who have experience with service provider and enterprise networks. It will validate the skills needed to install, maintain and administer IOS XR platform technologies, such as the CRS, XR12000 and ASR9000. As these technologies become more prevalent in network infrastructures, this certification will promote you as an individual who is capable of handling the platforms and related job tasks.