Cisco 650-393 : LCSE (Cisco Lifecycle Services Express) Exam

Number of questions: 46
Last Update: Jul 25, 15
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Cisco 650-393 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 650-393 LCSE: Lifecycle Services Express certification is an exam focused on sales and marketing skills and Cisco-specific technical knowledge required to effectively communicate the lifecycle benefits of Cisco products and solutions. The 650-393 Exam is offered in English and Japanese, and features between 35 and 45 questions in fill-in-the-blank, simulation, and multiple choice formats.

Pearson VUE is the Cisco-approved testing provider for the 650-393 Exam. Candidates are encouraged to take the Cisco Lifecycle Services Express course to prepare for the exam which will hone knowledge and skills in the areas of selling, deploying, and supporting Cisco technologies. Other subjects covered by the exam are covered under Exam Topics.

Exam Topics:

Question topics that typically appear on the 650-393 Exam include all of the following, although the test may also feature related information and topics on newly developed and launched technologies.

1. Testing candidates must be able to effectively, accurately and efficiently describe the organization and structure of Cisco's approach to Lifecycle Services.

2. Candidates must also be able to describe the components of the services included in all of the following stages of the Cisco Lifestyle Services approach:
2.1 Preparation
2.2 Planning
2.3 Design
2.4 Implementation
2.5 Operation

3. Additionally, candidates must also be capable of accurately describing to the customer the benefits and long-term value or Cisco Lifestyle Services in terms the customer can understand

4. The description of Cisco's approach to Lifestyle Services to business partners is also a crucial skill candidates must demonstrate on the exam