Cisco 650-377 : ABNAME (Advanced Borderless Network Account Manager) Exam

Number of questions: 51
Last Update: Jul 25, 15
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Cisco 650-377 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 650-377 ABNAME (Advanced Borderless Network Account Manager) Exam is a competency exam designed for sales and marketing professionals to demonstrate their skills and abilities for promoting and selling the Borderless Network to customers. The Cisco 650-377 exam is conducted at a Cisco-approved Pearson VUE testing facility and features 50 questions in multiple-choice, fill-in-the blank and simulation formats. Sixty minutes are allotted for the exam/ and the candidates may not have any reading or reference materials present during the test. This is a closed-book exam.

The objective of 650-377 exam is for marketing and sales professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of and competence with Borderless Network Solutions and related products. As such, exam topics cover technical details related to the Borderless Network Solutions and related products as well as communication strategies for dealing with customers.

Exam Topics:

The following information is a guide to typical topics appearing on the 650-377 exam. Other related topics may also be included on the test.

1. Provide technical and lay-person descriptions of:
1.1 Network capabilities and solutions
1.2 Security features and solutions
1.3 Mobility and customizable solutions
1.4 Application speed and capabilities
1.5 Energywise requirements and benefits
1.6 Medianet features and associated benefits

2 Demonstrate ability to:
2.1 Evaluate customer needs and determine features of Borderless Network Solutions that will address those needs.
2.2 Target sales and marketing strategies and communications to effectively show how Borderless Network Solutions and related products can meet those needs.
2.3 Explain the benefits of Borderless Network Solutions and products over competitive options available.