Cisco 650-059 : LCSARS (Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching) Exam

Number of questions: 52
Last Update: Jul 22, 15
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Cisco 650-059 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 650-059 Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching (LCSARS) is a 60-minute exam with a range of 45 to 55 questions. The exam is available in English and Japanese. The exam number for this test is 650-059.

The Cisco 650-059 LCSARS exam tests a candidate's Cisco Lifecycle Services knowledge and determines their ability to successfully sell, deploy and support Cisco technology and their performance. Completing the LCSARS Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching course is recommended preparation for the exam.

Some of the topics of the Cisco 650-059 exam include explaining the phases of the prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize phases of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach; recognizing the steps of the Cisco Lifecycle Services for Advanced Routing & Switching; explaining to customers the benefits of all of the phases of the Cisco Lifecycle Services for Advanced Routing & Switching.