Cisco 646-656 : WAASAM (Wide Area Application Services for Account Managers) Exam

Number of questions: 73
Last Update: Jul 12, 15
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Cisco 646-656 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 646-656 WAASAM (Wide Area Application Services for Account Managers) examination lasts forty-five minutes and consists of forty to fifty questions. The test is available in Japanese and English.

The Cisco 646-656 WAASAM examination evaluates an applicant's ability to identify and describe the capabilities and services of a WAAS solution, as well as to identify the opportunities that exist when offering solutions to customers. A variety topics and subtopics is included on the exam.

The primary topics include: identifying and describing the capabilities of WAAS solutions in regards to commercial, corporate and vertical markets, qualifying a potential opportunity with a customer for the associated solutions, as well as describing and recommending WAAS solutions and appropriate services. Affiliated subtopics will also be tested. These are the ability to describe benefits and features of a WAAS solution.