Cisco 642-732 : CUWSS (Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey) Exam

Number of questions: 110
Last Update: Jul 9, 15
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Cisco 642-732 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 642-732 CUWSS: Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey examination is associated with the Wireless CNP certification. The test takes 75-minutes to complete and contains 50 - 60 questions. The examination is only available in English.

The 642-732 CUWSS examination is associated with an applicant's ability to be able to receive a CCNP certification. This test will evaluate a candidate's ability to conduct a site survey of a wireless network as well as plan a wireless network. Preparation for the exam is done by taking a CUWSS course.

Various topics and subtopics are included in the examination. Some of the topics that applicants will have to have an immense amount of knowledge about include the ability to identify the requirements that a customer needs for their wireless solution, knowing how to identify aesthetic and safety considerations, planning for a site survey, and the guidelines on how to conduct a survey.