Cisco 642-481 : CRMC (Cisco Rich Media Communications) Exam

Number of questions: 94
Last Update: Jul 13, 15
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Cisco 642-481 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 642-481 CRMC (Cisco Rich Media Communications) exam is designed to assess the prospect's knowledge level and skill required for providing presales technical support, design, installation, configuration, and maintenance duties of Cisco Rich Media solutions. The candidate should be familiar with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express and Cisco Unified Video conferencing. The 642-481 exam is currently available in English and Japanese.

This 90-minute exam will contain between 75-85 questions. The following list of exam topics indicates the type of content will likely be presented on the Cisco 642-481 exam. This is a non-exhaustive list, however, as candidates will be responsible for being prepared for additional, related content.

-Determine the appropriate design for integrating the Cisco Unified Video Conferencing solutions in different video over IP networking environments

Examinees will plan and design video conferencing in varied Cisco supported environments and design campus and WAN QoS for communication using IP Video.

-Describe the information required to design a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express solution for a customer

Examinees will describe how to select an appropriate Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express System implementation that meets customer demands and the relationship connections of various system components. They will also describe crisis management solutions and security setting options.

-Describe different operations and maintenance capabilities with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

Candidates should be able to describe management reporting capabilities for System Administrators and user end Browser Test functions.

In addition to work experience, candidates are also encouraged to take the Implementing Cisco IP Video Conference Rich Media Communications (ICRMC) course, which is offered by Cisco Learning Partners and taught by certified Cisco instructors.