Cisco 642-279 : PAITVIS (Installing TelePresence Video Immersive Systems) Exam

Number of questions: 41
Last Update: Jul 8, 15
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Cisco 642-279 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 642-279 PAITVIS (Installing TelePresence Video Immersive Systems) exam is designed to assess the candidate's knowledge and skill required for installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting Cisco's TelePresence T3 systems and TelePresence server. Although there are no perquisite certifications, candidates will benefit from prior work experience before taking this exam. Candidates must have a working knowledge of video fundamentals and Cisco's TelePresence System C90 codec.

The Cisco 642-279 exam, which is available in English only, has a one-hour time limit in which the candidate will answer 40 questions. The following list of exam topics is intended to be a general indication of the type of content that will be present on the 642-279 exam. Candidates will be responsible for preparing for any additional related content that is subject to appear on the exam.

-Describe the Installation

Examinees will describe how to prepare a room for a Cisco TelePresence T3 installation. They will also accurately identify the main components of shipping and equipment lists, the tools necessary for the installation process, and the power and network connections that are needed.

-Explore the Cisco TelePresence Server

Candidates will describe key software features and understand how to perform software upgrades. They will also be required to examine diagnostics, explain how to collect and view log files, and identify various hardware options.

-Examine Upgrading TCU Software and Explore C90 and TCU Configuration

Candidates will be expected to address TCU configuration, syntax, and installation as well as C90 configuration, Codec C90, and IP addresses. Candidates will also explain the role of TCU and its upgrades.

-Explore the Cisco TelePresence System Configuration

Examinees will explain how to access administrator pages of the TCU, address diagnostic information, and the configuration of TMS settings for phone book and management.

-Exploring Cisco TelePresence Troubleshooting

Candidates will explain the initial operation of Cisco T3 C90 Codec as well as participant presentations, document camera, and camera setup. They will also be asked to explore collaboration screens and table buttons, and describe C90 and TCU after loading the most recent software versions.