Cisco 350-040 : CCIE Storage Networking Exam

Number of questions: 169
Last Update: Jul 27, 15
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Cisco 350-040 Exam Description and Topics

The Cisco 350-040 CCIE Storage Networking written exam provides a CCIE SAN certification for qualified professionals. The exam will cover topics such as storage device protocols, troubleshooting tools, storage network design, applications, and advanced management. Candidates can expect to spend up to two hours answering 100 multiple-choice questions covering explicit and related topics. The Cisco 350-040 CCIE exam has been standardized to bring it into conformity with other Cisco Associate Professional and Specialist Certification exams. Changes include conversion of the grading scale to the standard 300-1000 point scale, and the requirement for candidates to answer all questions completely before moving on to the next question. Questions may not be revisited later in the exam. Cisco Press publishes a variety of training materials for the course, and all candidates will be expected to display a professional level of knowledge.

The Cisco 350-040 CCIE exam covers nine different sections starting with standards-based SAN protocols, fibre channel SAN requirements, FCP and FICON fibre channel features, switch interoperability requirements, IP configurations, IP storage-based solutions, SAN management, Cisco intelligent storage services, and SAN infrastructure. Protocol standards include fibre channels, SCSI, iSCSI, IP, IPFC, FCIP, and FICON. SAN requirements address security, virtualization, host operating systems, topologies, devices, and management infrastructure. Fibre channel features cover port channels, ISL, trunking, VSAN, basic and enhanced zoning, traffic engineering, IVR service groups, IVR static FCIDs, port VSAN membership, and FC domain parameters. General questions will cover simulated problems and require an evaluation of possible solutions.