CIPS A8 : Preparing and Managing Contracts Exam

Number of questions: 145
Last Update: Jul 20, 15
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CIPS A8 Exam Description and Topics

The CIPS A8 "Preparing and Managing Contracts" exam is presented as part of a series of exams dealing with principles of supply and purchasing, offered through CIPS. It is comprised of 144 questions that will test knowledge relating to the legality, pricing, and management of contracts. The exam is only available in English.

Successful completion of the CIPS A8 exam is required to receive the Advanced Certificate in Purchasing and Supply. Training courses revolving around the supply/purchasing units are available for enrollment through CIPS. A textbook is also available; reading and reviewing it is highly suggested, as it will cover all topics found on the exam.

Participants should have a clear understanding of how contracts are formed, what terms should be included, and the related law/legislation, on a national and international level. Participants must have adequate knowledge of contract management, including identifying risks and settling disputes, and contact pricing methods, including fixed and variable price.