CIPS A6 : Analysing the Supply Market Exam

Number of questions: 144
Last Update: Jul 29, 15
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CIPS A6 Exam Description and Topics

The CIPS A6 "Analysing the Supply Market" exam is available from CIPS for individuals interested in earning an international or advanced certification in Purchasing and Supply. A total of 143 questions will be asked relating to components, features, and factors that make up a supply market.

To prepare for the CIPS A6 test participants can purchase the Advanced Certificate Workbook Module 6 - Analysing the Supply Market textbook, which outlines exact information that will be found on the exam. Training courses may also be taken regarding this subject matter. These can be found, along with textbook and course information, at the CIPS website.

Participants must be able to identify and describe the different types of supply markets and the political, economic, technological, and social factors that make up each. An understanding of pricing policies and consumer behavior is also required. Participants will be expected to know details regarding international trade and the national economy, as well as sales promotions and other marketing ventures.