CCNT: Convergent Network Technologies

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Last Update: Jul 11, 15
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CCNT: Convergent Network Technologies Exam Description and Topics

The CCNT: Convergent Network Technologies certification program consists of a series of six interconnected exams that must all be successfully completed to receive the CCNT certification. Approximately 450 multiple choice questions will be asked regarding features, concepts, and components of Convergent Network technologies.

Each test is taken independently online. They are only available in the English language. Up to three attempts will be given for each exam, and only once all six exams have been taken and passed will the candidate earn the certification. To prepare, several instructor-led courses can be taken at local colleges and training centers. Course information/materials and other web-based study materials can be found at the CCNT web store.

The following areas of information will be tested:

1. Broadband and Local Area Networks. Participants should understand the functions of broadband technologies, such as using divided channels to simultaneously transmit signals. A solid understanding of the concepts and features of LAN topologies, including network management and information transfer, is required.

2. CTI and VoIP Essentials. Participants will be tested on the architecture, applications, and development of network technologies and must be knowledgeable of the principles of both computer-telephone integration and Voice over IP call transmission.

3. Basic Data Communications. Topics such as data communication channels, devices, optics, and technology will be covered. Participants should also be able to describe the fundamentals of telecommunications, such as signaling and switching.