Pegasystems Software Company

Pegasystems Inc. is a multi-national software company founded in 1983.With headquarters located in Cambridge Massachusetts (USA) company is currently operating at 35 different locations worldwide.

In 1996 company entered public trade under the name PEGA on NASDAQ stock exchange. Major acquisitions include Antenna Software, Chordiant, MeshLabs, OpenSpan, and Firefly.

Pega’s mission is to transform and revolutionize marketing, customer services, operations and sales of the leading enterprises all over the world by engaging, connecting and empowering people.


Two main areas of PEGA’s software development are:

  1. CRM Customer Relationship Management
  2. BPM Business Process Management

Automating business processes CIA developing and marketing software is a mainstay of PEGA. The company develops strategic applications to streamline the critical business operations and helps enterprises to connect customers in real-time on different channels in order to meet fast-changing requirements.

Major products include;

PEGA 7: It is a major application development platform currently serving the core enterprise application software of Pegasystems is available on cloud or in-premises. It is the one of its kind unified platform having the features of business process management, customer relationship management, data analysis, visual tools and change applications according to the customers’ need.

Pega Marketing: to take relevant action and offer content among channels for the better optimization of customer’s value

Pega Sales and Onboarding: helps enterprises to connect clients via intelligent sales automation with real-time guidance

Pega Customer Service: at the customer’s end to deliver efficient service helps to anticipate needs and provides guidance with an automated delivery process.

Pega RULES Process Commander 2013 was designed mainly for BPM.

Pega Express is used to build simple applications


PEGA CLIENT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT(CLM): developed for banks by integration all the complex processes in one application which helped onboarding time reduction by 70 percent simultaneously decreasing the cost by 60 percent.

Pega has added artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning to its CRM based software.

KYC: Know Your Customer is an application developed with CLM which is helping banks, insurance companies, and mutual fund providers to keep track of their customers.

PEGA is one of the largest service providers to world’s major enterprises both Government and non-govt.

Although banking and the financial sectors were mainstays of its services but it has expanded to:

  • Government
  • Healtcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Communication and Media


Paypal, Lloyds Banking Group, Cisco Systems, Phillips, American Express, United Health Group, General Motors, Hanover Insurance Group and Cisco Systems.


Different jobs are available in in the fields of sales, technology and professional services. System engineers, account executives, senior payroll accountant, healthcare account executive, enterprise advisory services are to name a few.


Pega has also started the academy which helps its students to get the PEGA certification of various trades. It’s emphasis on teaching how to build and deploy new applications successfully with Pega. It certifies that the certified person has the skill to make and implement Pega solutions. Certification is available according to the level of person (beginner or advanced), product area and rol Pega is the leading software developing companies which has been innovative since its start and had continued to rise after.