CA Technologies

CA TechnologiesCA Technologies (previously CA Inc., Computer Associates International, Inc) is USA based multinational software enterprise headquartered in New York.Founded in 1976 and traded under the CA on NASDAQ stock exchange is currently employing over 11,600 persons over 45 countries.It has over 950 patents under the m[name with 900 yet to confirm.

It is transforming the communication modes, transactions and the way of living with the more secure data management by working with the various companies worldwide.


CA Technologies develops platform software tools. It helps businesses to create a secure application and IT infrastructure.

System Software:

Develops, designs, licenses, and markets standardized software products that are used in mainframe computers, virtual machine, cloud and distributed computing, and client-server environments. Computer software products serve the Govt. organizations, personal computers, educational institutes and various other companies.


CA TechnologiesIt is developed for organizations to handle information in computer environments regarding:

  • Processes
  • Networks
  • Applications
  • Systems

Database Management from web mainframe and virtualized cloud regardless of what software or hardware customers using.

The important feature is it is able to work across multiple environments such as mobile, public and private cloud, mainframe and distributed.

In the new application economy, it recognizes customers as a critical partner.

Other products include anti-virus and Internet Commercial Software


From a long history; there are few recent acquisitions of the company:

  1. Runscope
  2. Veracode
  3. Automatic
  4. Layer 7 technologies
  5. Xceedium Inc.
  6. Grid-Tools Limited
  7. IdMLogic
  8. BlazeMeter

These acquisitions had helped the tech giant to grow in the areas of business automation, API monitoring, and developer platforms.


Serving a diversity of organizations the company aims at providing solutions to:

  • Mainframe
  • Industries
  • Automation
  • Cloud Services
  • Security
  • IT Operations Management
  • Advanced Analytics along with continuous testing and delivery.

CA provides cloud-based management solutions, virtualization, application program testing and application-centric development testing solutions. Consulting, implementing, upgrading and managing services are the mainstay of CA Technologies.


The company offers more than 400 flexible courses for training available offline and online.

Pre-paid options for virtual learning live classrooms, traditional classrooms or web-based training programs are offered.

These help in mastering the skillsets of CA-based programming software.

Free training is also available in the field of API Management, Application Development, Continuous Delivery, Automation, Project and Portfolio Management, Mainframe, Security and Infrastructure Management, Service Management, and Workload Management but the offerings are limited but it can be a good start for many.


Flexible work arrangements, diverse and competitive environment of the company has earned it Global Workplace Excellence Awards.Its tech stack includes Java, C/ C++, JavaScript, and Node.js.

Persons working in Sales, Technology, Marketing or Corporate are welcomed in CA.


Certification exams are MCQ based on each certification valid until the new major product is released.It reflects a skillset of a person in a particular product.One can choose the certification based on position.Passing the exam will certify the person as Proven Professional, Certified Expert or Certified Business Analyst.

CA Technologies is creating the opportunities by collaborating with other industries and empowering women in tech.It has started environment-friendly initiatives and invested hugely in education.It is a home to every talent no matter what kind of passion, weirdness or innovation one has.