Finding The Right Paint Spraying Equipment For Your Projects

Dealing with your home improvement projects, or any other do-it-yourself jobs is an excellent way to save money. It can also provide you with a superb satisfaction of having done the job yourself in addition to a sense of pride for the completed project. Among the most frequent and most natural of plans to take up on your own is painting. Artwork can be done in lots of ways but to get the best finish of your piece of the art project, using paint bringing out machines are the most efficient way to achieve it.

Paint sprayers are the preferred way of the piece of art by professional painters. That gives you the most precise, most professional-looking finish. On top of that, paint spraying often requires a fraction of the time repainting or adding extra coats, therefore, keeping your money and time spent on paint. It does, nevertheless, need you to get or rent paint spraying equipment that is specifically designed to offer you the perfect color spraying finish that you will want on your home improvement or “do it yourself” project.

Not all color spraying equipment is created equal

Finding The Right Paint Spraying Equipment For Your ProjectsSome paint sprayers are only capable of spraying specific types of paint. Before renting or purchasing paint spraying equipment, you should get a firm idea of what kind of painting projects you will be doing. Your assignments could be as easy as using fresh latex paint to change the colors of your interior or exterior walls. It could also be to squirt stains or lacquers on furniture or other woodworking projects. Regardless of what your plan is, be sure you get the equipment best suited for your project.

Bigger is not always better

Professional level paint spraying equipment is accessible to you at many home improvement retailers. While these units are made for heavy-duty usage, they can be not always economical for the do-it-yourselfer. You may find that smaller paint bringing out equipment works just fine for the sort of projects that you are getting into. Armed with the knowledge about the types of jobs you’re going to be doing, ask a paint specialist at your home improvement retailer or paint store to help find the best fit for you.

You may decide that with the size of your jobs that buying the coloring spraying equipment might not exactly be the best choice. This is a common thought for many do-it-yourselfers who plan to only do just one or two car paint projects. The good thing is you can find paint spraying equipment available for rent in many places the hire such equipment. You still want to make sure that you rent a device that fits you the sort of projects you plan on completing. This kind of can save your investment property on renting the equipment.

Traditional painting with rollers and brushes is still an option for you. However, if you wish the best finish on your painting project then using paint spraying equipment is the ideal solution. With a clear outline of your painting needs, you can find assistance in buying or renting the right equipment for you.

Dewalt VS California Air Tools: Which Brand Is the Best for Quiet Air

Air compressors are incredible devices. They convert power into potential energy that is then stored in pressurized air. Neat, right? But they are also very noisy!

So what to do if you need to use an air compressor, but don’t want to go insane or drive your neighbors insane? Well, that means that it’s time to look for a quiet air compressor. Yes, a quiet one! The idea of a quiet air compressor seemed like science fiction not so long ago. However, nowadays, there are many companies that build their compressors in a way that they don’t make any noise. Moreover, they are also built to retain their efficiency, even as they are keeping the noise down!

Sounds pretty good, right?

But there are so many options to choose from. How can you know which company that produces air compressors is the most reliable one? Well, today, we decided to help you out with this, and compare the two main players in the industry, DeWalt and California Air Tools.

Dewalt vs California Air

Dewalt VS California Air ToolsOkay, so before we compare them, let’s take a closer look at these two companies:

DeWalt; DeWalt was founded in 1924 in Pennsylvannia by Raymond E. DeWalt. It’s an international company that produces a variety of power tools. At the moment, they are based in Baltimore, Marilyand, but are selling their tools all over the world.

California Air Tools; California Air Tools was founded in 2002 in California. At the moment their headquarters are in San Diego. They sell various tools mostly in the US.

So which brand should you go with? An established Maryland company that has been around for almost a century or an industrious Californian upstart? That’ a hard decision, isn’t it?

Well, in the end, it all boils down to their tools. If you want a really, really quiet air compressor, then California Air Tools are probably your best bet, because most of their models are operating at 60dB. Seems like an obvious choice, no?

Well, not as obvious as you might think, because when it comes to power, DeWalt tools come out on top, and their recovery times are better, too. So which one should you choose? It all depends on what you want. Want to have a really quiet air compressor that you could use without worrying about your neighbor or driving your family insane? Take a look at the California Air Tools arsenal. Want to have a powerful all-in one tool that you can use anywhere and don’t mind a little bit of noise if it comes with additional functionality? Then go with DeWalt. It might be a hard choice to make. Should you have less functionality and less noise or more functionality and more noise? Consider this carefully. Only you can know what kind of a tool would suit your needs best!


Air compressors aren’t cheap, therefore buying one is an important decision, and it’s best to put some thought into it. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a perfect air compressor (if there was, everyone would be buying those!), and you will have to compromise.

So think about what it is that you want. Where will you be using your air compressor? How important lack of noise is? How about the functionality? Once you have worked all these things out, go ahead and pick the tool that is right for you!