CA Technologies CAT-240 : CA Clarity PPM v12 Business Analyst Exam

Number of questions: 41
Last Update: Jul 16, 15
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CA Technologies CAT-240 Exam Description and Topics

The CA Technologies CAT-240: CA Clarity PPM v12 Business Analyst Exam is a proctored exam that is part of the CA Technologies Certification Program. Its purpose is to demonstrate participants' expertise in optimizing and completing various IT solutions for management teams.

The CA Technologies CAT-240 exam has 40 multiple choice or multiple response questions that must be answered within a 75 minute time frame. 70% of the questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam. Participants may register for an initial retake immediately. However, subsequent retakes require a minimum of 30 days from the date of one's last attempt before the exam can be reattempted.

In preparation for the CAT-240 exam, it is recommended that participants study the following areas:

1. One should understand and be able to identify CA Clarity PPM security options.

2. It is advisable that exam participants be able to create a program and build a project Investment management team.

3. Understanding the CA Clarity PPM v12 Architecture - It is recommended that participants be able to identify the features of the CA Clarity PPM architecture.

4. In order to pass the exam, participants will be asked to set up cost plans and benefit Plans, to create action items and to set up their own timesheets.

5. Project and Investment management will be covered, as it pertains to CA Clarity PPM v12 Foundations I 200 (07CLR22011)