CA Technologies CAT-080 : CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager r9 Administrator Exam

Number of questions: 41
Last Update: Jul 5, 15
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CA Technologies CAT-080 Exam Description and Topics

The CA Technologies CAT-080: CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager r9 Administrator Exam concerns itself with measuring the knowledge, skills and expertise involved in managing, installing, administering, configuring and implementing certain CA Technologies products for complete solutions that are IT optimized. The exam is a proctored one, and participants are given a 75 minute timeframe in which to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass. There are 40 items on the exam.

The areas upon which one should focus to prepare for the CA Technologies CAT-080 exam include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. In terms of Modeling Networks, exam participants will be asked to demonstrate how to configure Discovery, schedule Discovery, configure CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager for SNMPv3, to perform service provider discovery and to configure automatic trap based modeling. They will also be asked to employ special model types.

2. Creating a Fault-Tolerant Environment. Describe the Fault-tolerant SpectroSERVER Architecture and identify OneClick Guidelines for Fault Tolerance and load balancing.

3. Understanding CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager Features and Concepts. One should be able to describe CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager and the architecture.

4. Establishing a distributed SpectroSERVER Environment. Exam participants are asked to describe the Distributed SpectrpSERVER architecture. They are additionally asked to investigate Global Collections, employ the proxy model and enable Trap Director.

5. Investigating fault isolation and alarm notifications. This involves describing fault isolation and automating alarm notifications.