BCS ISEB-PM1 : Foundation Certificate in Project Management Exam

Number of questions: 626
Last Update: Jul 30, 15
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BCS ISEB-PM1 Exam Description and Topics

The BCS ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management exam certifies that a candidate possesses the skills necessary for project planning, monitoring and control, change control and configuration management, effort estimation, quality and risk management and communication between project stakeholders. The exam number for this test is ISEB-PM1. There are no formal prerequisites for taking this exam.

The BCS ISEB-PM1 exam will consist of 40 questions, which will be presented in a multiple choice format. Currently, this exam is available only in the English language. A candidate will be provided with 60 minutes in which to complete the exam, and in order to pass the test, a candidate will need to obtain a minimum score of 65%.

There are a number of topics that will be covered on the BCS ISEB-PM1 exam. An example of one of these topics is Projects and Project Work. Subtopics that will arise on this portion of the exam will include defining what projects mean, the typical activities found in a system development life cycle, system and project life cycles, and post implementation review, amongst other topics.

Other topics that a candidate can expect to find on this exam include project planning, monitoring and control, change control and configuration management, and risk. These are general guidelines for the content of an exam, and additional questions about related content may appear.