BCS ISEB-BA1 : Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis Exam

Number of questions: 161
Last Update: Jul 17, 15
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BCS ISEB-BA1 Exam Description and Topics

The content of the BCS ISEB-BA1 Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis exam includes a wide range of concepts, approaches and techniques that are applicable to Business Analysis. It provides a foundation for the Institute's range of specialist modular certificates in the areas of Business Analysis, IS Consultancy and Business Change in this field.

There are not any requirements for a candidate who would like to take this exam. The exam number for this test is ISEB-BA1. A syllabus, which is based on the BCS publication Business Analysis, 2nd edition, is recommended as study materials for those preparing to take this examination. There are other training resources available as well.

The BCS ISEB-BA1 exam will contain a range with 40 questions, which will be presented in multiple choice format. A candidate will be provided with 60 minutes in which to complete the exam. If English is not a candidate's first language, they will be provided with a maximum time allotment of 75 minutes to complete the test. In order to pass the test, a candidate will need to achieve a minimum passing score of 65%.

Topics that will appear on the BCS ISEB-BA1 test include an overview of business analysis, the competencies of a business analyst, strategy analysis, the Business Analysis Process Model, stakeholder analysis and management, and the gathering of the requirements.