Autodesk Maya12-A : Maya 2012 Certified Associate Exam

Number of questions: 31
Last Update: Jul 14, 15
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Autodesk Maya12-A Exam Description and Topics

The Autodesk Maya12-A: Maya 2012 Certified Associate exam, offered by Autodesk, includes 30 multiple choice, point-and-click, and matching questions that must be answered within an hour. Successful completion of this test can be applied toward the Certified Associate certification (no additional examinations are needed) or the Certified Professional certification (which requires completion of an additional exam). It will test knowledge of the features, tools, and mechanisms of the latest version of the Autodesk Maya product.

Several resources are available with which candidates can prepare. Enrollment in the Autodesk Authorized Training Center program allows for access to a wide range of training resources. Candidates should read the Mastering Autodesk Maya 2012 training guide as an essential study resource. Practice assessment tests are also available. In addition, candidates must have acquired 100 hours of hands-on application to ensure that time has been spent using the product and applying all related skills and information.

The Autodesk Maya12-A exam is broken down into numerous topics, including (but not limited to) the following:

1. Modeling - Participants must be able to explain the typical workflow for Edge Loop and subdivision surface modeling.

2. Animation

3. Effects

4. Cameras - Controls and common mechanisms should be identified.

5. Lighting

6. Compositing - Participants must know how to composite multiple layers together.

7. Materials/Shading - Participants should be knowledgeable of 2D textures and specular shading attributes specific to Blinn.