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Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) and 2000+ other certification exams prep program
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Testlive's Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) Certification Testimonials
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TestsLive course design has taken me to all new heights in learning and achievement. I've gained confidence that I have never had with any other similar method of course study. What a well-planned and thought out program! I don't imagine that I could have done this without the assistance of the study guides and tutorials, as well as the sample tests. Those questions were almost identical to the ones on the real Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certification exam, so I knew what to prepare for and how. This guide has been a valuable lesson for success and achievement. Thank you!
- From Moncell Smith
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After several years of waffling between careers, I realized it was time to focus and hone my skills so that I could really succeed at something. For several reasons, I decided to establish myself in the 3D design field. I knew that certifications had more value to employers than college degrees do, so I resolved to achieve as many certifications as possible. TestsLive helped me prepare for the Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certification exam and others. Their material is very effective. Even someone as new as I am was able to grasp the material quickly and understand the difficult concepts. It was incredible! I scored a 88% in just a few weeks of studying. Thanks, TestsLive!
- From Ian Knight
I Was Beginning to Second Guess My Career Choice
I'd tried to pass my certification exams by myself. I'd also tried using study guides and e-book practice exams of other companies. But the material just wasn't sinking in the way I needed it to in order to pass. Time after time, I came back from a certification exam depressed and uncertain of my future. As a result, I began to question my career choice. But then I discovered TestsLive, and for the first time, I was able to pass a certification exam on the first try. My score on the Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certification exam was extremely high. Thank you, TestsLive.
- From Randy Dalmida
It made sure I understood before the exam.
The Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certification exam preparation made sure I understood the context of my subject very well before I took my exam. I am very impressed by it. I appreciated the ability to receive instant feedback on my progress as I took the practice exams. It did not go unnoticed that the real exam contained very similar questions I think this is a very handy way to study. Obviously it works, I passed my Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certification exam on my first attempt and I could pass it again, still, because I've retained what I studied. I'm going to be suggesting this program to several colleagues of mine.
- From Andrew Diller

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Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) Certification Description and Topics

There are three Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certifications from which candidates can choose: the End User ADCU, Associate ADCU or the Professional ADCU. Candidates can also choose to achieve their ADCU certification in either AutoCAD or for Autodesk Inventor.

The End User Autodesk Certified User (ADCU) certification is designed for high school students, and achieving this certification requires the completion of a formal training course as well as a minimum of 50 lab hours of instructor-led, hands-on experience with the program in which the candidate intends to become credentialed.

The Associate and Professional ADCUs also require a minimum number of hours of academic training and lab work. For the Associate ADCU, candidates complete a training course and a minimum of 100 hours of hands-on work with the software in question, while the Professional ADCU requires a training course and a minimum of 400 hours of hands-on experience with either AutoCAD or Inventor.

Autodesk Certified User exams are administered through Certiport and most exams are taken at the same site as that in which the candidate completes his or her training. For high school students, exams are typically administered at their school. For the Associate or Professional level ADCUs, exams are commonly completed at an employer location or another registered Certiport testing facility.