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Adobe certification exams and 2000+ other exams Prep Program
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Adobe certification exams and 2000+ other exams prep program PLUS exam simulator
Adobe certification exams and 2000+ other exams prep program
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Features and Benefits

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Adobe Certification Exams Testimonials
This should be your first and only choice.
When I started using this exam simulator, studying for the Adobe certification exam became no big deal. As I continued to work with it to gain a deeper understanding of the material, the exam became a non-issue. I knew that I could master the exam just like I was mastering the practice tests. My score was very high, but I have to tell you the truth. I wasn't surprised.
- From Ruben Valderrama
I Couldn't Be Happier!!!
There is no way I could be any happier with my Adobe certification exam test results unless I'd scored 100% which is so unlikely. The test is hard. It's meant to be. After all it weeds out those not worthy of certification and is meant to convey competence in skills abilities and knowledge so of course it needs to be hard to pass. A perfect score then would be silly to expect and the 92% that I got is still a whole lot better than most people that take the exam so I just couldn't be happier. Thank you goes to TestsLive for the impeccable service and excellent features and examples. My Adobe certification exam score shows just how good TestsLive really are.
- From Jacob Udeagha
This smart shopper found real value in your Adobe certification practice tests
Raising my two daughters and rising through the ranks in my career keeps me a very busy professional mom. Even though I do very well in my field and make a nice salary, I stick to a budget for our family and watch every penny I spend. So when it came to buying a study package for the Adobe certification, I shopped smart. I did a lot of online research before investing in TestsLive' guide to the Adobe certification exam simulator. It paid off big time. Once my daughters were in bed, I used the questions, answers and practice tests every night until very shortly I passed the test!
- From Orlando Americo Viana Ferreira
Thank you for going above and beyond what preparatory material can do
The Adobe certification exam is the fourth exam I've passed with flying colors thanks to the incredible study material and practice tests you have on file. IT exams have never before been so fast and easy to prepare for. You've assembled an invaluable collection of practice exams equipped with fresh study packs and useful upgradable options that do more for me than just prepare me for the exam, it helps me to recollect the information I covered and remember it all like I was in a classroom. It's a very effective teaching tool that goes beyond its function for mere exam preparation purposes. Thank you for going above and beyond what preparatory material can do. Good work!
- From Joshua

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9A0-066: Adobe ColdFusion 8
9A0-079: Adobe® RoboHelp® 7 ACE
9A0-082: Adobe Flex 3 with AIR
9A0-084: Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional ACE
9A0-086: Adobe InDesign CS4
9A0-088: Adobe IIIustrator CS4
9A0-090: Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ACE
9A0-092: Adobe Flash CS4
9A0-096: Adobe AfterEffects CS4
9A0-125: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 ACE
9A0-127: Adobe ColdFusion 9
9A0-144: Adobe Illustrator CS5
9A0-146: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
9A0-148: Adobe Flash CS5
9A0-150: Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE
9A0-152: Adobe After Effects CS5 ACE
9A0-154: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
9A0-156: Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Form Developer ACE
9A0-164: Adobe Captivate® 5.5 ACE
9A0-182: Adobe Flex 4.5 ACE