Adobe 9A0-182 : Adobe Flex 4.5 ACE Exam

Number of questions: 97
Last Update: Jul 5, 15
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Adobe 9A0-182 Exam Description and Topics

The Adobe 9A0-182 examination is a requirement of earning ACE certification in Adobe Flex 4.5. The exam is in English only, and may be registered for by visiting the Pearson VUE site. Fifty-nine questions comprise the test, and correctly answering a minimum of 67% of them is required to pass.

The Adobe 9A0-182 test has five topics, and each has subtopics. All the subtopics are listed here, as well some subtopics.

1. Included under Flex architecture and design are creating and using custom components using MXML and ActionScript, transferring data using data bindings, the use of modules in developing a Flex application, and case and development workflow for a custom preloader.

2. Programming Flex applications with ActionScript involves defining and extending an ActionScript class and implementing an interface, using ArrayCollection to sort, filter, and provide data, and manipulate XML data by using E4X.

3. To display understanding of interacting with data sources and sources, examinees will implement real-time messaging using producers and consumers, understanding synchronization and data management, and reading, writing, and uploading local files using FlashPlayer 10 API.

4. Lastly, using Flex in the Adobe Integrated Runner (AIR) applicants will compile and export a release build of an AIR application, create, populate, and delete files and directories, and describe the AIR security contexts.

5. For creating a user interface, requirements include identifying and describing basic UI controls used in a Flex application, identifying the purpose of containers, positioning UI elements, and creating custom layouts.