Adobe 9A0-156 : Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Form Developer ACE Exam

Number of questions: 115
Last Update: Jul 28, 15
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Adobe 9A0-156 Exam Description and Topics

A score of at least 77% is required to past the Adobe 9A0-156 (Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Form Developer ACE) exam. The test is available only in English and contains 61 questions. It has a built-in timer. To register for the Adobe 9A0-156 exam, go to the Pearson VUE website. Several months of practical use are recommended before attempting the test.

There are a dozen topic areas, each with subtopics. These are all the topics and some of the subtopics:

1. Understanding template types requires describing the differences between output types.

2. Working with AFA, candidates must describe the XFA object model, the functionality of different DOMs, and the rendering process of an XDP to a PDF.

3. For importing other file formats, importing existing PDF files into LiveCycle Designer is crucial.

4. Working with data connections entails describing the connection and binding objects to data sources.

5. Knowledge of laying out a form requires explaining the purpose of layout tools and various drawing aids, and setting the tab order of fields.

6. The ability to design dynamic forms will be shown by describing the content flow of a subform and the relationship between parent and child subforms, and using subform sets.

7. Adding form intelligence is achieved by generating scripts using Action Builder and setting validation fields.

8. Scripting uses Script Editor. Candidates will explain the purposes of various properties of Script Editor, locate scripts, understand SOM expressions, and interact with a DOM.

9. To show ability in submitting data, data submission options must be understood, as well as methods for acknowledging responses from a data submission.

10. Designing with fragments entails creating a fragment, explaining a fragment library property, and rendering a fragment within a form.

11. Finally, in integrating with LiveCycle Server, it will be necessary to explain the purpose of a given object in the library and how it is used.