Adobe 9A0-154 : Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Exam

Number of questions: 96
Last Update: Jul 15, 15
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Adobe 9A0-154 Exam Description and Topics

Available only in English, Adobe 9A0-154 exam is necessary to obtain certification in Adobe Premiere Pro. It consists of 54 questions and a minimum of 71% must be answered correctly to consider the test passed. Pearson VUE may be contacted to make testing arrangements.

The Adobe 9A0-154 (Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) test covers several topics and their related subtopics. All topics and some subtopics are listed here. Potential examinees may choose to take an optional preparatory course.

1. Setting up projects and sequences involves options for the General and Scratch Disk tabs in the New Project dialog box, options in the Sequence Presets, General, and Tracks tab in the New Sequence dialog box, and explaining options in the Project Manager dialog box.

1. Acquiring media assets addresses the features Premiere Pro provides for native HDV and tapeless assets such as DSLR cameras, RED, P2, AVCHD, and XDCAM, features of media browser, methods of video capture, batch capture, and capturing video by using device control

2. Editing footage in Premier includes subtopics such as editing multiple-camera footage, workflows related to 24p footage, and sync lock/ lock track functions.

3. In the area of working with effects and transitions, persons taking the test must use various motion effects applied to a clip, modify how a transition is applied using options, and exhibit understanding of the Mercury Playback Simulator.

4. Creating titles entails showing familiarity with options available for working with text in titles, creating a static title, and creating a title from a template.

5. Working with audio requires the ability to use the audio mixer, editing in timecode display versus audio units, using the transcribe to text feature, and working with 5.1 audio.