Adobe 9A0-152 : Adobe After Effects CS5 ACE Exam

Number of questions: 74
Last Update: Jul 30, 15
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Adobe 9A0-152 Exam Description and Topics

Required for ACE certification, the Adobe 9A0-152 (Adobe After Effects CS5 ACE) Exam is comprised of 73 questions. At least 65% must be answered properly to pass the examination, which is currently available only in English. Please register via Pearson VUE.

All main topics on the test, as well as some subtopics are listed below. Please note there are subtopics not listed here. It is suggested that candidates for this test take an online course in preparation, although it is not mandatory.

Information on the Adobe 9A0-152 exam includes:

1. Familiarity with user interface and workflows; configuring workspace, managing duplicate footage and undo history.

2. Importing and organizing footage items covers replacing existing footage items.

3. Regarding working with other software, applicants must be familiar with importing files and using Adobe Dynamic Link.

4. Included with projects and compositions are uses of a template project and using the composition navigator bar.

5. Working with layers in the Timeline encompasses updating layers in other Adobe applications, and sizing a solid layer.

6. Views and previews and the effect of changing the origin for HDR management advantages and keeping colors safe are covered.

7. Drawing, painting, paths, the brushes panel, vertices and motion blur are included, along with shape tools including Wiggle Transform.

8. Creating and animating text formatting options and animating text are necessary knowledge, as are transparency and compositing; using multiple transparent pixel layers and keying effects.

9. Addressed under markers and metadata are timeline markers, video formats supporting XMP, memory, storage, and performance, including alerts and After Effects.

10. Tracking, including the tracker Panel and Parallel Corner Pin, using and disabling expressions, and rendering and exporting in After Effects, as well as organizing, are also crucial knowledge.