Adobe 9A0-150 : Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam

Number of questions: 118
Last Update: Jul 20, 15
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Adobe 9A0-150 Exam Description and Topics

To achieve ACE certification in Adobe Photoshop CS5, applicants must pass Exam 9A0-150, available in English or Japanese. At least 74% of the 64 questions on the test must be answered correctly to earn a passing score. Optional related courses to prepare for the examination are available. Registration is made through Pearson VUE.

All topics and some subtopics on the Adobe 9A0-150 test include the following:

1. Working with selections is a main topic; creating selections using appropriate tools, saving, loading, moving, and transforming selections, and using Refine Edge controls.

2. Working with layers, managing layers in Layers panel, creating, reordering, selecting, controlling visibility, etc, using Layer Blend modes, Opacity/Fill controls in Layers panel, Smart Object layers, combining images, and using Layer Comps are also tested.

3. Applicants will use masks/channels, the Masks panel, benefits of layer masks/vector masks, differences between color and alpha channels, and creating a spot color channel.

4. Working with Type and Vector tools involves creating /editing type layers, describing differences between pixel-based and vector-based images, creating with Shape tools, using Pen tools to create/edit, and managing paths in the Path panel.

5. Adjusting/processing photographs entails correcting color/tone using layers and commands, explaining advantages of Adjustment layers, converting color images to black-and-white, enhancing an image's dynamic range with Merge to HDR Pro, using Lens Correction filter, and sharpening photographs.

6. Familiarity with retouching and using Puppet Warp to deform an object are required.

7. Explaining Adobe Camera Raw 6 settings, applying local corrections and Camera Raw to Photoshop workflow using Smart Filters, using Mini-Bridge, managing workspaces, working with tabbed articles, and appropriately zooming and panning are also addressed. Creating files, resizing images, different file formats, and color management will also be featured.

8. Last are outputting for print and web, configuring settings, creating a Web Gallery, and using slice tools.

Reference: official Adobe 9A0-150 exam description