Adobe 9A0-127 : Adobe ColdFusion 9 Exam

Number of questions: 102
Last Update: Jul 18, 15
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Adobe 9A0-127 Exam Description and Topics

The Adobe 9A0-127: Adobe ColdFusion 9 exam is comprised of 61 multiple choice questions. Candidates should be familiar with all components of the software, including specific terms, functions, and processes. To obtain the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification, a passing score of 64% must be reached. The exam is available only in the English language.

To prepare for the Adobe 9A0-127 exam, instructor-led courses are available for enrollment. Practice questions from each section of information are also available online and should be taken prior to taking the exam, in order to see where problem areas lie. It is also highly recommended that candidates read all available review and reference materials, some of which can be a accessed online.

Below are some of the topics that will be included on the 9A0-127 exam:

Working with components (CFCs), XML, and the Application framework.

Interacting with databases, persistent components, and remote systems.

Reusing code by creating user-defined functions or using a custom tag.

Programming fundamentals - Participants should know how to control the flow of a program, handle exceptions, and manage program iteration.

Creating directories and managing files

Tuning application performance