ACI 3I0-008 : ACI Dealing Certificate Exam

Number of questions: 321
Last Update: Jul 30, 15
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ACI 3I0-008 Exam Description and Topics

The ACI 3I0-008: ACI Dealing Certification examination is a 2-hour exam that consists of 80 questions divided into 9 areas of knowledge. It tests knowledge of foreign exchange and money markets and is designated for new entrants, middle office personnel, and auditors/compliance officers. The exam can be taken in the English of German language.

Classroom and online training courses are available by country and region. Candidates can enroll in these courses for additional training purposes by going to the ACI website. An overall score of 60% is needed to successfully acquire the ACI Dealing Certificate. However, a minimum score of 50% must be earned in the "Model Code" section, while a minimum score of 40% is required for each other section.

Participants should have a solid understanding of the following areas of knowledge:

1. Foreign Exchange. Participants should be able to identify the base currency and quoted currency in standard exchange rate notation. The relationship between forward rates and interest rates should be understood. Participants should overall be able to apply spot exchange rate quotations.

2. Basic Interest Rate Calculations. Participants must demonstrate the ability to calculate short-term interest rates and yields and to calculate payments and evaluate alternative short-term funding and investment opportunities using these interest rates and yields.

3. Principles of Risk. Participants should be able to identify and distinguish between principle market risks and provide insight into policies and procedures used to diminish these risks. Currency exposures and replacement costs will also be tested.

4. The Model Code. Candidates should be able to describe the Model Code used in market practices, including best conduct and best practices. Knowledge regarding what creates the high standards of integrity, conduct and professionalism is required.

The ACI 3I0-008 exam is not limited to these topics. All other areas of understanding related to the ACI Dealing Certificate should be reviewed prior to taking the exam.